Download Roundup - Brooklyn Rider: A Walking Fire

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Download Roundup - Brooklyn Rider: A Walking Fire

Brooklyn Rider

A Walking Fire

Label: Mercury
Genre: Classical

Courtesy of HDtracks comes a recital of string quartets from Brooklyn Rider, the latest hipster chamber music group, who follow in the honored tradition of Tashi, Kronos, and eighth blackbird. A Walking Fire is thoroughly engrossing: two superb contemporary works surround an accomplished performance of Bartók’s Quartet No. 2. There’s Culai by Ljova (aka Lev Zhurbin) a celebrated Russian-born violinist and composer whose music incorporates jazz, gypsy, and folk, as well as classical elements. After the Bartók, there’s Three Miniatures for String Quartet— the final movement is “A Walking Fire”—by Colin Jacobsen, one of BR’s violinists. It’s more genre-bending stuff, executed with flair and technical perfection. The sound is airless and dynamically compressed, in the manner of a pop recording, but you won’t mind a bit.

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  • primary artist, Brooklyn Rider

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