Dealer Event February 23 - Sunny Components Covina

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Dealer Event February 23 - Sunny Components Covina

The following is a press release issued by HRS and Vandersteen.

February 15, 2019 - Saturday February 23, 12-5 PM Covina specialty audio retailer Sunny Components (1370 E. Cypress Street Suite D Covina CA) will host Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS)Vandersteen Audio and Brinkmann Audio. From HRS, special guest Michael Latvis, with 4 decades of engineering experience and Founder and Head Engineer of Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) will answer questions and demonstrate their award winning audio stands and vibration damping products including the new E1 isolation platform.  From Vandersteen, Richard Vandersteen, Founder and Head Engineer of Vandersteen Audio, will be on hand as well to demonstrate the Model 7 Loudspeakers with the new System 9 Bedrock bases and the M/-HPA High Pass Amplifier, the Quatro Loudspeakers with the new M5-HPA high pass amps, and the new SUB THREE adjustable subwoofer with the Treo CT loudspeakers. From Brinkmann Audio, Dr. Matthias Lück PhD - Digital Engineering, designer of Brinkmann Electronics will attend to discuss Brinkmann turntables, DACs, and Electronics.