Dealer Event at Filtronique Montreal

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Dealer Event at Filtronique Montreal

Friday and Saturday, March 27 and 28, 4pm–Midnight (or later!): Filtronique (9343 Rue Lajeunesse, Montreal) will host two very special parties, featuring guests from AudioQuest, dCS, Kronos, Magico, Simaudio, Tidal, and Wilson Audio Specialties.

The event marks Wilson Audio’s debut at Filtronique, and, to celebrate the occasion, Wilson’s Peter McGrath will be on hand to demonstrate the award-winning Sasha Series-2 and Alexia loudspeakers.

On Saturday, AudioQuest’s Kathleen Thomas, Frederic Pinsonneault, and Steve Silberman will present their company’s highly anticipated NightHawk headphones and JitterBug USB filter. Meanwhile, to celebrate the Canadian launch of the Tidal full-resolution music-streaming service, Filtronique will set up several listening stations throughout the store, with Tidal’s David Solomon providing detailed demonstrations and answering questions.     

Delicious food, refreshing drinks, and outstanding live music will also be served. For more info, visit or call (514) 389-1377. Space is limited. RSVP:

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