David Steven of dCS Has Passed Away

David Steven of dCS Has Passed Away

 It is my sad duty to report the shocking news that my friend David Steven, Managing Director of dCS, died suddenly and unexpectedly on Saturday February 21, 2009. I spent several days with David and the entire dCS crew in Cambridge late last fall, and I have nothing but the fondest memories of this gentle, urbane, charming, handsome, extraordinarily intelligent man. I do not know the details of his passing at this point; I only know that my wife and I are deeply saddened by the awful news. Our love and sincerest sympathies to David's wife Ann, his son David, Jr., his other children and grandchildren and to the small family of very gifted folks David oversaw at dCS. This is just too, too bad.

The photo below, taken in his Cambridge office, is how I will remember him--looking for all the world like the high-end industry's Peter O'Toole.