Dared RD-1 table radio

Equipment report
Dared RD-1
Dared RD-1 table radio

Absolute quality of sound varies from station to station, and programme to programme, of course. But the RD-1 itself always delivers consistent results in terms of a smooth even tonal balance and freedom from background noise and interference. Once it’s playing, you can easily listen for hours at a time. It holds your interest musically, and never becomes fatiguing.

Its compact size and ability to function as a stand-alone unit also makes it great for those times when you want to listen to the radio in other rooms. Quick and simple to set up, the RD-1 is almost totally fuss-free during use. And of course, there’s the whole retro look of the thing. It looks fabulous! Practically everyone who’s ever cast eyes on it is whisked back to a time when they used to tune in to Listen With Mother, or sneaking down stairs after bedtime to listen to Radio Caroline. Even those who were born in the 1980sare whisked back to a time long before they were born. When it first arrived, I literally couldn’t take my eyes off it, and I kept expecting to hear the Light Programme playing every time I turned it on. So, it looks great and sounds good too. Hey - I think I’m in love…

Technical Specifications

Power output: 25W

Loudspeakers: 3.5in x2

Tubes: 12Ax7 x1, 6N1 x1, 6E2 x1.

Dimensions: 320 x 170 x 165mm

Weight: 7kg

Price: £499.99

URL: http://www.dared.com.hk

UK Distributor: Real Hi-Fi

Tel: 01257 473175