DALI Introduces New OPTICON MK2 Series

DALI Introduces New OPTICON MK2 Series

The following is a press release issued by DALI.

November 2020 - Introducing OPTICON MK2 – DALI does not leave the legacy in the lurch but strengthens its roots and sustains its DNA. Its predecessor has been at the core of the DALI range for half a decade. Yet, time now calls for respectfully updating and improving the well-respected high performance OPTICON series with new ideas, new technologies, and a fresh, modern aesthetic.


The OPTICON MK2 series comprises six family members, all fully Danish manufactured in-house at the DALI factory. All built and tested sequentially in pairs to ensure ultimate acoustic pair matching. The series is built on four decades of loudspeakers experience as well as innovative technologies including DALI’s patented SMC magnet systems and hybrid tweeters - and not least, a strong passion for detail, with the one goal of achieving even better, authentic sound reproduction.

The new OPTICON MK2 series introduces a new in-house designed and manufactured soft dome tweeter derived from the CALLISTO series to ensure a consistent sonic signature across the range.

Most of the models in the new range also incorporates our ribbon tweeter; DALI’s renowned hybrid tweeter module which makes it possible to achieve the optimum clarity, smoothness and richness of detail.

Other improvements include new Wood Fibre diaphragms on SMC based woofers and re-engineered crossovers incorporating upgraded, low loss components. The new DALI new Dual Flare reflex ports reduce port turbulences and noise ensuring the best possible bass performance.


OPTICON MK2 defines a clear, delicately detailed and coherent audio with revoiced tonal balance – from floor-standing to wall-mounted, LCR and Vokal models – to complete the perfect home cinema system. A larger diameter soft dome tweeter derived from the DALI CALLISTO has been designed and manufactured in-house for the OPTICON MK2 as well as new die-cast aluminum tweeter faceplates. Further, the hybrid soft dome and ribbon tweeter have been added to the OPTICON 8-, 6-, LCR- and VOKAL MK2 as well as optional bi-wire connection facilities for OPTICON 8- and 6 MK2.

Because every detail matters!


Greet the absolute powerhouse of the new OPTICON MK2 series. Standing 44.9”x9.5”x18.1”, this large-scale and sole OPTICON MK2 three-way system offers a uniquely high level of performance in the series. It unites massive SMC based low frequency bandwidth, volume potential, and dynamic accuracy with impressive detail and clarity due to a dedicated SMC midrange driver. And the high frequencies from DALIs acclaimed hybrid tweeter are both detailed as well as smooth.

In short, there is no way around the OPTICON 8 MK2, an amazing new gateway to magical sound, music and cinematic landscapes.


The slim and aesthetic floor-standing OPTICON 6 MK2 marks the series’ entry point for DALIs renowned hybrid soft dome and the DALI ribbon tweeter, embracing sparkling high frequencies. The low frequencies and midrange are handled by twin 6½” Wood Fiber diaphragm, SMC magnet bass/midrange drivers. The result is a speaker of elegant finish that combines a remarkable bass performance with midrange clarity and a significantly advanced level of high frequency resolution.


The OPTICON 2 MK2 as well as its smaller sibling OPTICON 1 MK2 features the DALI CALLISTO derived 29 mm soft tome tweeter, and due to its 6½” Wood Fiber diaphragm, SMC magnet bass/midrange driver and larger 10-liter cabinet, it is capable of achieving a greater low frequency bandwidth and volume level. Stand mounted OPTICON 2 MK is the obvious choice for hi-fi quality sound in compact to medium sized listening rooms offering the space for it to deliver its dynamic, well-defined audio performance.


The compact stand mount OPTICON 1 MK2 speaker is ideal for easy installment near room boundaries or wall-mounting in smaller listening rooms for optimum performance. The Dual Flare reflex loaded 5-liter enclosure allows a solid bass performance, integrating naturally with the 4¾” Wood Fiber diaphragm, SMC magnet bass/ midrange unit and the newly designed 29 mm soft dome tweeter of the DALI CALLISTO series. A discreet, yet powerful speaker that just lets sound quality speak its own clear language.


Genuine hi-fi performance beyond its compact dimensions streams out of this new on-wall speaker. The OPTICON LCR MK2 and its multipurpose enclosure embraces any need from traditional stereo to TV audio and multi-channel home theatre applications. An all-round and surprisingly varied source for great sound reproduction, where the wall-assisted reflex port system, the 6½” Wood Fibre diaphragm, SMC magnet bass/midrange driver and the rotatable hybrid tweeter module are collaborating in perfect synergy.   


The OPTICON VOKAL MK2 is specifically voiced to play the key center channel part, yet it has all the characteristic qualities for a full OPTICON MK2 audio visual system. Uniting DALIs 6½” Wood Fiber diaphragm, SMC magnet bass/midrange driver and the DALI hybrid tweeter, and with an enclosure configured specifically for installation in audio-visual furniture units, the OPTICON VOKAL MK2 is a complete up-to-date solution with the option of fully enclosed mounting due to front facing reflex ports.

The OPTICON MK2 models are available in the three new finishes of Satin White, Satin Black, and Tobacco Oak, except OPTICON 8 MK2 which is available in Satin Black Ash and Tobacco Oak.