Coming Soon: Wilson's TuneTot

Coming Soon: Wilson's TuneTot

For those with a consuming (or even passing) interest in Wilson Audio Specialties, the next six days are going to feel like a bit of a striptease—the closest you'll ever get to that from the morally unambiguous folks at WAS. Their latest product, the TuneTot, will be officially introduced to the world at Munich High End on May 10th—at high noon MST, to be exact—and Wilson has made available for general distribution a few shards of intriguing information, including this video [] and a few shadowy photos of the product.

But you'd like to know what they're capable of sonically, right? Well, me too. TAS is privileged to be receiving one of the first pairs to be heard outside of Provo and I've been advised to watch for the UPS truck later today. I had to promise to say no more than this until next Thursday but, hey, I can keep a secret. Usually. Most of the time. OK, this time. So return to this cyber-location May 10th at the appointed hour and I'll have a lot more in the way of details to disseminate—and some initial listening impressions.