Cody Chesnutt: Landing on a Hundred

Album review
Cody Chesnutt: Landing on a Hundred

Cody Chesnutt

Landing on a Hundred

Label: Redeye
Media: LP
Genre: Rock/pop

Landing on a Hundred is a mature, thoughtful work that addresses such serious concerns as being a good father and husband and contributing to a community. At the same time it’s an infectious and often danceable slice of neo-soul that proves Cody Chesnutt has everything you need to be a convincing front man: lyrically imaginative, he can deliver a message without preaching; his voice is expressive and versatile; catchy melodies come naturally to him; and he’s an impressive band leader who keeps things tight even when he’s barking out instructions to group members. The album starts out so strong, with the upbeat and catchy reggae-tinged soul of “Till I Met Thee,” “I’ve Been Life,” and “That’s Still Mama” commanding immediate attention, that you’d expect it to lose steam, but the varied set continues to evolve, exploring such extremes as the gloomy “Don’t Follow Me” and the sunny “Love is More than a Wedding Day.” The 2-LP 45rpm vinyl does a good job of capturing a cathedral-like sound that owes much to Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On, but the track sequencing is so effective that a digital copy could save you from having to switch sides (and thereby break the spell) every few songs. 

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  • primary artist, Cody Chesnutt
  • LP

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