Chris Isaak: Beyond the Sun

Album review
Chris Isaak: Beyond the Sun

Chris Isaak

Beyond the Sun

Label: Vanguard
Media: CD
Genre: Rock/pop

Chris Isaak grew up in blue-collar Stockton, California, pantomiming Elvis to the radio. He became a pop star and heartthrob, crooning lonesome laments laced with twangy rockabilly guitar and Roy Orbison-inspired vocal vibe. The press commented on his Elvis-like good looks, and he was cast in TV and film roles. It’s been two years since Isaak’s last album, Mr. Lucky, which appeared after a decade-long drought from the charts. This time out, he’s embracing his early rock roots in a big way. Beyond the Sun includes covers of Johnny Cash (“Ring of Fire,” “I Walk the Line”), Jerry Lee Lewis (“Great Balls of Fire”), Carl Perkins (“Dixie Fried”), and Elvis (“It’s Now or Never,” “Can’t Help Falling in Love”), along with two originals (“Live It Up,” “Lovely Loretta”), all served up as an authentic-sounding homage to the Sun label originals. To add to the authenticity, Isaak and his pals ventured to Memphis to record at the fabled Sun Studios, where they found just the right amount of slap- back reverb—and 50s mojo to spare. Guitarist Herschel Yatovitz nails those Scotty Moore guitar licks, and Isaak brings the rest of the twang. It ain’t original, but it sure is fun. 

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