Channel D Granted United States Patent US 8,738,163 B2

Music servers and computer audio
Channel D Granted United States Patent US 8,738,163 B2

Lambertville, NJ—June 6, 2014—Channel D, developers of the innovative and award-winning Pure Vinyl™ and Pure Music® computer audio software for Apple Macintosh computers, and the creator of the Seta® Ultra Wide Bandwidth Balanced Flat Phono Preamplifiers recently was granted US Patent #8,738,163 B2 for "PROXY FILE POINTER METHOD FOR REDIRECTING ACCESS FOR INCOMPATIBLE FILE FORMATS" - in other words, Channel D's novel invention permitting FLAC and DSD files to appear in Apple's iTunes.

Robert Robinson, Channel D's Director of Engineering and the named inventor on the Patent, said, "we are thrilled that the United States Patent Office has vetted and recognized this important innovation, which marks yet another milestone in the continued development of our cutting-edge products for computer audio. This invention, which has been implemented in our products since 2010, pushed the envelope by permitting computer audiophiles to enjoy music in high resolution audio formats such as FLAC and DSD via the familiar iTunes user interface, even though such formats were not and are not supported by iTunes."

About Channel D

Channel D has created and delivered popular and innovative audio software solutions for Apple Macintosh computers since 1997, when they introduced the acclaimed Mac the Scope audio signal analyzer software. For the past several years, Channel D has focused on innovative products for professional audio analysis and audio enthusiasts, including Waavebox (audio signal generator), AudioLeak Professional (audio loudness equivalent level analyzer), the award winning Pure Vinyl, released in 2006 and a pioneering audiophile computer audio software product (for several years following its release Channel D was the sole company marketing computer audio software at audiophile trade shows), and the widely acclaimed and award winning Pure Music, introduced in 2010. Channel D's Seta (Italian for silk) phono preamplifier product line provides a solid anchor point for linking analog vinyl playback with high resolution digital audio. Dr. Robert Robinson, founder of and principal product designer at Channel D, formerly was a research scientist and project manager at Bell Communications Research (originally part of AT&T Bell Laboratories) in New Jersey. He holds several patents, has published dozens of articles in peer-reviewed technical journals, and has given invited lectures at over a dozen international technical conferences (including the prestigious Gordon Research Conferences).