Cedille Records Releases Its First LP: Eighth Blackbird's Grammy-Winning 'FILAMENT'

Cedille Records Releases Its First LP: Eighth Blackbird's Grammy-Winning 'FILAMENT'

The following is a press release issued by Cedille Records.

CHICAGO | July 11, 2016 — Cedille Records, Chicago’s independent nonprofit classical music label, has released its first LP, a vinyl edition of new-music ensemble Eighth Blackbird’s FILAMENT, which won a 2016 GRAMMY for Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance.

The LP, released July 8, is available from Amazon.com and other sources.

Originally issued on CD and as MP3 and FLAC downloads in September 2015, FILAMENT features world-premiere recordings of works by Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly, and Son Lux, plus a Philip Glass classic, Two Pages.

“Cedille produced the LP edition at Eighth Blackbird’s behest,” said James Ginsburg, Cedille Records founder and president. “We felt that, with FILAMENT, the artists, repertoire, program length, and album artwork were well suited to the LP format and its aficionados,” Ginsburg said.

Because the decision was made late in the production cycle and because of the long lead time required for vinyl mastering and manufacturing, FILAMENT is just now being released on LP, he said.

Cedille’s future LP releases will be planned on a case-by-case basis, Ginsburg said.

FILAMENT was produced by Dessner, a Brooklyn-based composer, guitarist, and member of the Grammy-nominated, Billboard-charting indie rock band The National.

Premieres include Dessner’s Murder Ballades and Muhly’s Doublespeak, both written for Eighth Blackbird, and Son Lux’s To Love and This is my Line, a remix created from the album’s other tracks.

Cedille, pronounced say-DEE, launched in November 1989 as an all-compact disc audiophile label. Its name is a play on the letters “CD.”

Since its inception, the multiple Grammy-winning label has been dedicated to showcasing the most noteworthy classical artists in and from the Chicago area.

Cedille Records is the label of Cedille Chicago, NFP. Sales of physical CDs and digital downloads and streams cover only a small percentage of the label’s costs. Tax-deductible donations from individual music-lovers and grants from charitable organizations account for most of its revenue.

Headquarters are at 1205 W. Balmoral Ave., Chicago, IL  60640; call (773) 989-2515; email: info@cedillerecords.org. Website: cedillerecords.org.

Cedille Records is distributed in the Western Hemisphere by Naxos of America and its distribution partners, by Select Music in the U.K., and by other independent distributors in the Naxos network in classical music markets around the world.