Cambridge Audio Streamers Now Roon Ready

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Cambridge Audio Streamers Now Roon Ready

London, UK – Cambridge Audio’s flagship EDGE NQ and award-winning CXN (V2) network audio streamers now have Roon’s high-resolution streaming and music management technology built right in.

With over 50 years of experience creating audio equipment, Cambridge Audio has always understood that its customers enjoy listening to their music collections in a variety of different ways. The addition of Roon Ready integration expands upon the wealth of options already afforded by its range of respected network audio streamers.

A software update is now available for the EDGE NQ and CXN (V2) featuring Roon Ready. Once these products have been updated, Roon will discover them on your network, deliver the highest possible quality audio, and even allow volume control right from the Roon user interface.

Roon Ready certification means the EDGE NQ and CXN (V2) network audio streamers now discover and connect to Roon without any additional configuration.

Network streamers supporting Roon:

Cambridge Audio EDGE NQ ($5,000)

This flagship streamer offers new levels of versatility for a pre-amplifier and network player. StreamMagic, the streaming module that powers NQ, has been improved, allowing Edge to play music from virtually any source. Also, Edge NQ’s printed circuit board and meticulous engineering reduce interference to ensure a clean sound.

Cambridge Audio CXN (V2) ($1,099)

With the CXN (V2) network streamer, Cambridge Audio has taken an award-winning product and made it even better. Built to stream digital audio from a wide variety of sources, it upscales for huge sound quality gains. This second generation edition of the CXN offers a huge array of improvements, thanks to greater processing power and a slicker user experience.