Cambridge Audio 840A integrated amplifier

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Cambridge Audio 840A
Cambridge Audio 840A integrated amplifier

To help give the 840A improved dimensionality, try equipping it with a good aftermarket power cord (yes, they can make a difference) and make a point of pairing it with speakers that are inherently strong soundstagers  (e.g., NHT’s Classic Fours). The azur 840A is beautifully made, and its power, clarity, detail, and life-like dynamics make it a blast to hear. For those ready to embrace the brave new world of multizone audio the Cambridge’s flexibility may also prove irresistible. In the areas of dead neutral treble response and of holographic three-dimensionality, the 840A can be outperformed, but only—in my experience—by amplifiers that cost more. But even taking minor shortcomings into account, I regard the 840A as one of the finest midpriced integrated amplifiers I’ve heard; it consistently conveys the vitality and dynamism of live music. TPV