Brinkmann Stars at 2016 CES

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Brinkmann Stars at 2016 CES

The following is a press release issued by Brinkmann Audio.

Las Vegas, NV | January 6, 2016 - Brinkmann Audio, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of State-of-the-Art analog products, will be exhibiting in Venetian Room # 29-203 at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. Brinkmann will be spinning vinyl using their Flagship Analog Playback System: the Balance Turntable, 12.1 Tonearm, Pi Cartridge and RöNt Tubed Power Supply. Considered to be the finest turntable available, the Balance incorporates unique and proprietary technologies including the bespoke Sinus Motor and heated bearing.

CES will mark the return of Brinkmann’s Audio Electronics to the US Market. Although Brinkmann Electronics are internationally acclaimed for their superb performance, matchless build quality and stunning aesthetics, they’re relatively unknown in the US. With the launch of their “Edison” Phono Stage and “Marconi” Line Preamplifier, Brinkmann will change that perception. “Brinkmann Audio actually produced electronics before our first turntable was released,” said Export Sales Manager Andrea Brinkmann, “and our CES System will demonstrate why our electronics are renowned worldwide.”

Brinkmann is one of the few audio companies to design and manufacture every component in the playback chain, from source through amplification. The electronics in Brinkmann’s CES System have been designed to maximize system flexibility as well as performance.  Visually as well as sonically, the “Marconi” Line Preamplifier and “Edison” Phono Stage are closely related. Both are “Hybrid” components, processing the signal with vacuum tubes and solid-state devices. Both are optimized for ultimate sound quality and built with highest precision.

The Edison phono stage is the perfect choice for discerning audiophiles who not only demand maximum sound quality but also want to use multiple tonearms and cartridges. The Edison offers THREE balanced RCA inputs—two of which are also available in XLR--each of which can be individually optimized in terms of gain, load, etc. and can be accessed via remote control as well as the front panel.  The Marconi line stage has been designed to have no influence on the signal's musical integrity. Exemplar of its uncompromising design, the Marconi volume control-- a motorized potentiometer that adjusts playback volume passively using  discrete resistors in precise 0.5 dB steps—enables the sensitivity of all six inputs to be adjusted individually.  Volume, Input Selection and Phase can be adjusted by remote control while the front panel display provides visual confirmation (A comprehensive design brief describing the technical features of Edison and Marconi is available from Brinkmann.)

Brinkmann will share Room 29-203 with Vandersteen Audio and Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS).

About Brinkmann Audio: Founded in 1985 by Helmut Brinkmann, Brinkmann Audio is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of high end audio components. For more information, please contact Anthony Chiarella by phone (201) 690-9006 or e-mail