Download Roundup - Bonnie Raitt: Slipstream

Album review
Download Roundup - Bonnie Raitt: Slipstream

Bonnie Raitt


Label: Redwing
Genre: Rock/pop

Slipstream is a typical Bonnie Raitt album, with all that that implies. As per usual, the new collection finds the blues singer by turns sassy and sensitive. And, as always, Raitt’s choice of songs is beyond reproach. Here, she revisits chestnuts like Gerry Rafferty’s “Right Down the Line,” and unearths deserving deep tracks such as Bob Dylan’s “Standing in the Doorway” and Joe Henry’s “God Only Knows.” Raitt’s voice remains peerless, and she is never less than fully committed to her material. Her slide guitar playing finds welcome new prominence here, as she trades tasty licks with a band that’s even more crackerjack than usual.

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  • primary artist, Bonnie Raitt
  • CD

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