B.M.C. Audio Product Announcement: PureVox, PureUSB1

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B.M.C. Audio PureUSB1,
B.M.C. Audio PureVox
B.M.C. Audio Product Announcement: PureVox, PureUSB1

International CES 2014, Las Vegas: B.M.C. Audio (Balanced Music Concept) a developer and manufacturer of high-performance, high-value audiophile components, introduces the new PureVox speaker at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

The PureVox is B.M.C.'s entry-level speaker and innovative an a number of ways.

The Bipolar Concept

Most  conventional  speakers have good depth of  image in the  center of the sound-stage, but much less so at the sides.  Responsible  for this lack of realism are the distorted frequency  responses outside of the speaker axis.  By walking around any  speaker it is easy to hear how the sound balance changes.

The PureVox’s quasi-bi-polar design dramatically improves the  sound-stage’s depth impression at the sides, making the sound- stage more complete and realistic.

Multi-Layer Cabinet

The body of the PureVox’s cabinet is made of a single piece of extruded aluminum, with a varying thickness to reduce internal  resonances. Several inside layers of a molten-in damping material and stabilization bars at the remaining resonance points make the  cabinet perfectly quiet.

This was quite a challenge for the manufacturing process since a 1200 ton pressure is required for such big body extrusion!

It’s stiffness and the low internal energy loss are far better than any  wooden cabinet construction.

The PureVox is also free of the effects of humidity and aging, and  27.2 kg (60lbs) per speaker is a statement of build quality.

The cabinet is sealed, eliminating the bass-reflex resonance that  can sound like blowing air into an empty bottle. The power of the  drivers and the cabinet’s low energy loss more than compensate  for any loss of oomph in the sound.

Drivers by B.M.C. Audio

The PureVox is a quasi-balanced speaker, which means the same driver set is on the front as is on the 45-degree angled rear of the  top. This includes two 6.9-inch Kevlar / fiberglass bass / midrange drivers in a quasi-bipolar configuration. The PureVox’s configuration  also includes two powerful AMT tweeters, with strong motor / weight relation for superb acceleration and a high sound-pressure capability without compression effects.


Beside the traditional binding posts the PureVox also offers a  professional SpeakON terminal, which is safe, reliable and  convenient to use.

Speaker cables with a SpeakON plug are also available from B.M.C.

A small switch allows slight variations of the sound balance:

To top: It adds a little “air” for rather damped rooms of “darker” sounding electronics.

To bottom: It adds a little more “warmth” for low damped rooms or rather “cool” sounding electronics.


Depending on the country the PureVox will be available from March from authorized B.M.C. Audio dealers at a suggested price of EUR 4500 or USD 6,400 per pair.

The PureVoxis part of B.M.C's new PureLine which started with the very successful PureDAC.

We also would like to introduce officially our new PureUSB1 active USB cable.

High grade USB interconnections enhance the sound quality of modern DAC amazingly.  While audiophile USB cable generally try to limit transmission losses and noise by material  tuning, B.M.C.'s PureUSB1 provides a better solution: An active electronic circuit restores  and reshapes the digital USB signal just before entering the DAC. Beside this it filters the  noise on the USB power supply.

This solution provides a better USB signal and ultimately sounds better.  Another advantage is the reduction of length sensitivity. The cable is allowed to be longer  without causing losses, so 5m sound virtually the same compared to 2m.

B.M.C.'s PureUSB1 is available in 2m and 5m.

The PureUSB1 hat a retail of EUR 199, USD 280 for 2m and EUR 299, USD 420 for 5m.

Please find the Brochure here.

About B.M.C. Audio

B.M.C. Audio, based in Germany, is a developer and manufacturer of innovative audiophile components that combine a radically different approach with unconventional most advanced technologies, professional manufacturing and affordable prices for music lovers with the highest expectations.

B.M.C. Audio is meanwhile a complete audio equipment solution supplying brand.

Read and see more in the PureVox brochure.