Bluebird Music Appointed Distributor for Vienna Acoustics

Bluebird Music Appointed Distributor for Vienna Acoustics

The following is a press release issued by Bluebird Music.

Buffalo, NY | December 11, 2015.  Bluebird Music is delighted to announce it has been appointed exclusive distributor for Vienna Acoustics for USA and Canada.

Vienna Acoustics' loudspeakers have been hand-built in Vienna, Austria since 1989. Vienna loudspeakers are known for their authentic, natural, musical sound; outstanding fit and finish, and exceptional value.


According to Jay Rein, president of Bluebird Music, "Since 1999, Bluebird Music has imported high-quality two-channel audio products that truly bring something special and unique to a crowded audio marketplace. We are thrilled to now be working with Vienna Acoustics; a highly respected and prestigious brand, and we have exciting plans to further raise the profile of the brand in USA."

Rein and Maria Gansterer, CEO of Vienna Acoustics, will be at January CES in Venetian room 35-207; a room shared with Chord Electronics and Audezeheadphones. Rein and Gansterer will demonstrate Vienna's flagship loudspeaker, The Music, with a Chord Electronics reference system wired withKubala-Sosna cables. Both Rein and Gansterer will be available to meet privately with any dealer wishing to schedule an appointment.


Vienna Acoustics' most popular range of speakers is the Concert Grand Series which includes three floor-standing models, a book-shelf, two center channels and sub-woofer. A range of premium finishes are offered and prices range from $2,000 to $10,000 US. Vienna offers a high-end range of reference speakers, the Klimt Series, priced from $16,000 to $33,000. Finally, Vienna Acoustics offers installers high-quality, innovative on-wall and in-wall speakers with prices at roughly $1,200 per speaker. 

Vienna Acoustics products are sold only through an authorized network of highly-skilled, dedicated retailers and professional installers.

For more about Vienna Acoustics please visit: 


Bluebird Music is a full service value-added distributor. Bluebird also represents: Chord Electronics, Jadis, Spendor, van den Hul, Estelon, Lindemann, Leema and Croft. Bluebird believes in fully supporting dealers who are passionate about great sound and willing to make the commitment to properly support world-class audio products.

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