Billy Boy Arnold Sings Big Bill Broonzy

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Billy Boy Arnold Sings Big Bill Broonzy

Billy Boy Arnold

Billy Boy Arnold Sings Big Bill Broonzy

Label: Electro-Fi
Media: CD
Genre: Rock/pop

Billy Boy Arnold is one of the few Chicago bluesmen who was actually born in the Windy City, and he grew up learning harmonica from one of the greatest, the original Sonny Boy Williamson (not to be confused with Rice Miller, the equally great bluesman who stole the name, along with the “original” claim). Arnold was also deeply impressed by Big Bill Broonzy, and even asked the older man if he would record with him, though Broonzy pushed Arnold towards the new electric style that suited him better. Arnold never forgot his early mentors, however. He released an excellent tribute to Sonny Boy a few years ago, and in some ways this new release is even better. For here, Arnold goes back to the sound of prewar Chicago to play music like that he heard growing up, instead of resetting the old songs in the modern style. This proves quite natural for Arnold though asks a lot of his younger sidemen. But they rise to the occasion to help make this one of the best acoustic blues records this writer has heard in many years. Guitarist Eric Nodan is particularly strong, evoking Broonzy without copying too closely. 

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