Bill Evans at Town Hall

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Bill Evans at Town Hall

Bill Evans

Bill Evans at Town Hall

Label: Speakers Corner
Media: LP
Genre: Jazz

This is a state-of-the-art, 180-gram vinyl reissue of one of the most significant records by one the most influential of all jazz pianists. That really should be enough, but in the case of Bill Evans it’s never that simple; while many of his fans hold him up as the greatest keyboard player in all jazz history, a significant minority see him as the most overrated, and moderate views on the subject are rare. Evans’ approach was somewhat cerebral compared to the sheer force and incredible melodic invention of Bud Powell (Evans’ own idol), but it was fresh, strikingly original and, when everything was working, produced deeply affecting music. This 1965 release captured his first concert appearance in New York, and one can sense the deep concentration of Evans, trio-mates Chuck Israels and Arnold Wise, and the 1500-strong audience. Four standards demonstrate Evan’s mastery of harmonic and melodic variation, as well as the ability of bassist Israels and drummer Wise to underpin things beautifully. But the crowning accomplishment is the lengthy, unaccompanied “Solo—In Memory of His Father, Harry L. Evans,” a performance that shows how gutsy this master of impressionism could be. 

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  • primary artist, Bill Evans
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