Bel Canto Design Launches New Black EX Line

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Bel Canto Design Launches New Black EX Line

The following is a press release issued by Bel Canto Design.

September 27, 2018 - Bel Canto Design, a Minnesota based manufacturer of high-performance audio electronics for over 25 years, an established leader in DAC/Controller and Amplification systems, announces the release of a new line of high-performance components based on the award-winning Black Amplification system. Black EX is designed in a sleek full-width, black anodized machined aluminium chassis with our unique constrained layer damping sub-chassis that eliminate in room energy from affecting sensitive internal circuitry.

EX DAC features:

  • Network audio; Tidal and Qobuz, Vtuner formats include MQA, PCM, DSD
  • MQA certified full decode renderer
  • RIAA software controlled MM/MC analog phono stage.
  • Program features; Level control, input naming, online software updates
  • Tone control: Tilt control, Bass EQ and High-pass Filter.
  • Bel Canto SEEK iOS Control app manages Tidal/Qobuz/Vtuner or music in your USB-A stored files
  • AES, SPDIF, TOSLINK, Ethernet, and Analog inputs
  • ROON Ready end-point *

Black EX is modern high-performance audio, designed to meet the demands of the audio enthusiast both sonically as well offer unprecedented versatility and ease of use to experience music from a variety of sources. John Stronczer, Founder and Chief of Design says, “advancing the ethernet connection to the highest quality source input was critical to the design, this is fundamental to experiencing quality audio streaming from current and future sources.” We also focused on ease-of-use both with connectivity and control using the Bel Canto’s SEEK iOS App that controls content and system.

Inside the Black EX DAC is the HDR-II® DAC core. With years of development, the result is a paramount processing core that converts digital-to-analog with virtually undetectable jitter. The new core presents the quietest background that reveals an accurate yet natural musical tone; you hear it immediately. In addition to the HDR-II® core, we took a unique approach to managing all inputs and signal processing with our isolated high-speed asynchronous multi-input technology (AMiP®). This technology connects to any source from ethernet to your turntable, decoupling electrical noise from networks and players that can affect the performance of the DAC, preserving the highest signal accuracy from all inputs. The AMiP board manages all user functions including precision volume control, custom tone controls, Tilt and Bass EQ, sub output management, and phono settings.

The Bel Canto team is deeply committed to delivering the most engaging musical playback experience possible. The best-in-class e.One, Black EX, and the statement BLACK Series, each outstanding in their respective market segments, offer industry-leading performance, technology, and design.

*Pending approval

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