Baetis Introduces the New XR3 Media Server

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Baetis Introduces the New XR3 Media Server

January 21, 2015 - Even more good news at Baetis Audio!  Baetis now announces the new XR3 that utilizes a modified circuit board taken from the Reference’s design.  The new board, which uses neither a USB bus nor a PCI bus, provides a more perfect digital wave form, including a significant gain in the voltage (amplitude) of the SPDIF signal, as well as a decrease in rise time.  When used with a good 2-channel DAC, the audio is clearly improved, with respect to accuracy, musicality, and sound stage.   The 2-channel sound is significantly better than the XR2 model the XR3 replaces.

All Baetis servers use JRiver Media Center, the best media playing software.  The Baetis computer can rip and play CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs.  And it can play any audio file format, including professionally ripped SACDs, downloaded PCM and DSD files (the audio format in SACDs), either in 2-channels or multi-channel, and at any sampling rate or bit depth.  For the audiophile who likes to watch and listen to multi-channel concerts or movies, the Baetis also produces video that is world-class.  It is the ONLY audiophile/videophile computer with two (2) separate HDMI outputs.  This is necessary when the user’s world-class multi-channel pre/pro does not do a truly great job at isolating video from audio.  In some cases, the pre/pro’s audio AND its video are greatly enhanced via sending only MCh audio to the pre/pro via HDMI output #1, and sending video directly to the projector via HDMI output #2.  It doesn’t matter if you are a 2-channel-only enthusiast, or a multi-channel lover, or someone with both a good DAC and a good pre/pro in your room – the Baetis line-up of servers provides the very best audio and video – better than even the most highly acclaimed and expensive universal disc players.

Kal Rubinson of Stereophile gave our XR2 a great review in 2014, and we received a Recommended Component Award from the magazine.  Yes, our prices have had to rise quite significantly to accompany these improvements in all of our models, and to have our servers shown and sold by those few high end audio dealers who fully understand digital audio and, especially, the new field of computer audio at the very highest levels of quality.  Please visit our site ( to read about this exciting new field and then talk to one of our dealers, each of whom has customers all over the world; or convince your own high end dealer to talk with us about these new products and what we expect from our dealers. 

The XR3 uses the same chassis and hybrid cooling system of the Reference, and its video output is the same.  As always, we will continue to provide unlimited customer support in the form of internet-based remote desktop control, plus telephone.   For the XR3, this intensive support goes for a full year after purchase.  Providing the best hardware AND the best support are cornerstones of our philosophy.  Baetis XR3, $7,995, in black or silver. 

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