Baetis Audio Announces Prodigy 2

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Baetis Audio Announces Prodigy 2

The following is a press release issued by Baetis Audio.

May 16, 2016 - Baetis™ Audio, maker of the highly reviewed Baetis Reference media server, is pleased to announce the new Baetis™ Prodigy 2.  This music/media server replaces the Prodigy model and has major upgrades in quality that make it, we think, the best bang for the buck in music servers/streamers:

- The new Prodigy 2 now uses the same motherboard and HD audio codec as our Revolution III model.
- The new CPU, now also used in our Revolution, has a 3.6 Ghz speed (compared to the old 2.9Ghz) – and in audio quality, CPU speed matters.
- Most importantly, the Prodigy 2 continues to have a version of the Baetis daughter-board used in our Reference and Reference 2 models.  This daughter-board takes the very good SPDIF signal straight from the MB, provides complete galvanic isolation and also provides
    A.) Improved digital signal on the oscilloscope;
    B.) Improved amplitude without any additional common mode noise
   C.) Improved (lower) rise time.
- The Prodigy 2 includes as standard our special Neutrik™ Powercon DC connector into the chassis.  This allows any owner to use our new twin-toroidal ac/dc converter (PSU).  See

We have proved conclusively that all music servers are NOT pretty much the same.  Some folks think “It’s all zeros and ones, how can one computer differ from another?”  The answer is that these zeros and ones are delivered by an electrical signal, and only Baetis goes to the maximum effort to reduce common mode noise and EMI/RFI.  Moreover, by taking an SPDIF signal straight from the MB (and a special HD audio codec), we eliminate the need for any USB to SPDIF conversion box or USB to SPDIF circuitry within the DAC.

Please read our reviews on our site, and then our Prodigy Comparison Chart to see why the new Prodigy 2 is so special  Yes, the price of the Prodigy 2 has gone up, but only by $100 – it is now $2995, available only directly from  Call Joe at 1-888-357-0035 or 514-476-9296, or e-mail at

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