Baetis Announces New Reference Server

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Baetis Audio Reference
Baetis Announces New Reference Server

August 6, 2014 - Baetis Audio, makers of the highly praised Baetis® Revolution II Media Server, is pleased to announce its latest achievement -- the new Baetis Reference Media Server.  Like our other servers, this component plays all audio and video formats, as well as rips CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs.  There are no limitations on bit-depths (up to 64-bits) or bit-rates (over 50,000 kbps from a transcoded DSD multi-channel download).  All PCM and DSD files can be played as well as multi-channel files of any type, whether ripped or downloaded.  Video is also stunning with the latest Intel® graphics chips.

The Baetis Reference is the ONLY media computer on the planet that has an AES/EBU 110 ohm XLR digital output that is dedicated, galvanically isolated, and fully shielded, straight from the motherboard, without using a PCI card!!  The world’s best DAC makers prefer AES for 2-channel music mainly because of the higher voltage it employs.  If you are a dealer or owner of one of the world’s truly great 2-channel DACs you must arrange a hearing of this new front end.  No CD/SACD turntable, no matter how expensive can compare, and the most expensive “music servers” do not produce sound this good nor have the format flexibility of this server.  Meanwhile, none of the custom computer builds have this critical AES feature except via a digitally noisy PCI card. 

The Reference comes with the latest generation of CPUs, and our special, silent, hybrid cooling system, plus all the outputs necessary for the very best 2-channel or multi-channel audio and video experience – 2 HDMI outputs, BNC-SPDIF, AES3, Toslink, and, of course, the ubiquitous USB3.0 ports (6 of them plus a Reference quality fully shielded USB port).  But only the Reference’s AES output will make the most expensive DACs perform up to their capacity -- dCS®, Berkeley Reference®, CH Precision®, EMM DAC2X®, Esoteric D-02®, LightHarmonic®, MSB Diamond®, Audio Research Reference®, or a DAC of similar quality.  Plus, the Baetis Reference comes with 3 years of our special remote desktop customer support.  Read about this accomplishment at  You can reach us at or 425-238-8688.  MSRP is $13,995.

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