Baetis Celebrates Its First Year In Business

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Baetis Celebrates Its First Year In Business

April 12, 2013 - Baetis Audio, maker of the Baetis Revolution™ media server, is proud to celebrate the completion of its first full year in business.  As always, we keep improving our servers.  Our upgrade policy is the most liberal in the industry.  Right now, our clients who purchased the Revolution last year are sending their units in for upgrades to the power supply (now the lowest ripple/noise measurement among all switch-mode supplies), additional RAM, and (for our very first units) installation of the Pulse™ isolation transformer and special wiring for our industry-leading BNC-SPDIF connection directly off the motherboard. 

Some customers are having the chassis re-machined to take the new Neutrik TrueOne™ power connector so that the server can use a) the latest LiFePO4 battery-based power supplies, along with b) the new Snake River Audio DC cabling.

Upgrades are done by our staff at true cost – the customer pays for shipping both ways, labor, and cost of materials.  Period.  This upgrade policy allows us to make our servers effectively technology-proof.  No more having to trade in your high-end component every 2 or 3 years for the latest version.

So, what are our latest improvements?  First, all of our Revolution servers now come with 16G of the very best RAM.   We have auditioned many models and brands of RAM and we believe ours make a difference in audio quality.   The higher amount of the RAM, however, is not for better audio but for somewhat better video – providing more of a shared memory for the integrated video circuitry in the Intel™ Core ix CPUs and motherboards we use.  Additionally, we believe that somewhat greater RAM helps with the speed of ripping Blu-ray discs (which is the only way you can get native 32-bit music in the form of large data files from Blu-ray concerts).  That’s right, the Baetis Revolution is not your typical music server -- it does much, much more, including playing native DSD files, ripping and playing of Blu-ray discs, and playing anything\everything that can be accessed by the Internet.

Second, we now provide a 2T USB3.0 external hard drive with our server --  this is the quietest HD we have yet found.  We do NOT believe in placing hard drives inside the server; these drives simply generate and absorb EMI.  Technology improvements over our first year of business have made the sound of the Baetis Revolution even better than before – and we have won many A/B comparisons with other servers.   

But improvement comes at a price and, so we have had to raise our prices significantly.  Please visit our website – –  to learn why we think our servers are the best.  Our page titled “Our Pricing Policy” explains everything – our philosophy is to build the best and to keep prices at much lower multiples of true cost than other high-end manufacturers.  We also take pride in our customer service – see our Reviews page.

We offer a very big “thank you” to all of our loyal clients for their support over this past year.   We believe that digital audio (and video) will continue to soar in the years ahead. 

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