Ayon Audio Introduces BlackEagle Loudspeakers

Ayon Audio Introduces BlackEagle Loudspeakers

The following is a press release issued by Ayon Audio.

<font face="NewCenturySchlbk-Roman">May 8 -2019 - Ayon Audio, the globally recognized high end audio performance brand known for its innovative technology in vacuum tube pre-amps, DAC’s, amplifiers, streamers, CD players, headphone amps - today introduces the Ayon BlackEagle Loudspeaker.

The BlackEagle is the consistent advancement, the result of the legendary Ayon ceramic loudspeaker series (Seagull, Hawk, Falcon, and Eagle) 2003 – 2010. 9 years later, the new ceramic chassis technology developed by Ayon Audio will set the new benchmark.

With over 40 years of acoustic expertise, consumers can expect to experience the full immersion of the live event. The non damping elliptical Ayon instrument grade cabinet, with its unequalled radiating characteristics, achieved by the elongated elliptical front design, the sound is carried into the room as experienced in the live performance.

Easy to drive with high or low powered amplifiers. Owners of low powered solid-state & vacuum tube amplifiers of Class A operation will find the BlackEagle loudspeaker a must have. 

The BlackEagle distinguishes itself with a very three dimensional, transparent, light-footed, and spatial reproduction. A fast tight dynamic bass. The midrange and highs are gorgeous, rich in musical detail. The BlackEagle is breathtaking, transparent and dynamic.</font>

<font face="NewCenturySchlbk-Roman">Come Listen - High End Munich 2019 - H1 D03</font>