AVguide.com adds new sub-sites with focused content, and enhanced look & features

AVguide.com adds new sub-sites with focused content, and enhanced look & features

AVguide.com expanded its formidable content offerings and took on a new look with enhanced features today to serve audio and video enthusiasts better and help accommodate the site’s rapid growth of both content and visitors. With thousands of expert reviews from The Absolute Sound, Hi-Fi+, Playback, and The Perfect Vision, as well as new Buyer’s Guides, expert commentary, blogs, news, and more,  it was time to segment AVguide.com better to help each of these audiences get to the content they desire quickly.

The enhanced design and content additions will help ensure that AVguide.com continues to meet the needs of both long-time readers as well as new visitors. With visitor growth in the past year alone at over 140%, we’re excited to offer expanded high-end audio, home theater, and personal audio coverage.


What's New?
The AVguide.com family now includes focused sub-sites for high-end audio, home theater, and personal audio enthusiasts:

tas.avguide.com: A site for The Absolute Sound and Hi-Fi+ audiences, as well as other two-channel audio enthusiasts and music lovers. It includes thousands of product reviews from TAS and Hi-Fi+, TAS editors’ blogs, TAS forums, the latest industry and product news, top product picks by the TAS staff, and more. Look for upcoming free TAS Buyer’s Guides of Disc Players, DACs, and Music Servers; Stereo Electronics; and Stereo Loudspeakers, among others. If you’re interested in high-end audio, this is the site for you!


tpv.avguide.com: A site with expanded coverage of home theater, including flat panel displays, projectors, surround audio, and more that builds upon the foundation of The Perfect Vision, as well as recent home theater reviews from Playback. Be sure to check out the The Perfect Vision’s Guide to Flat Panel TVs and Projectors available in mid-January.

pb.avguide.com: A Playback site focused on affordable, entry-level music systems with an emphasis on headphones, personal/portable and desktop/PC-based audio components. It includes expert reviews of personal audio gear, expert commentary, news, forums, editors’ picks, and more. Check out the Playback Headphone Buyer’s Guide, available now.

The new AVguide.com lets you move easily between these sub-sites, and also consolidates content highlights from each. 

Here’s hoping these changes make your experience on AVguide.com more enjoyable and productive.
Of course we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please send your thoughts or comments to webmaster@avguide.com