AV Options Now Sole Authorized Naim Audio Service Center in USA

AV Options Now Sole Authorized Naim Audio Service Center in USA

Portland, OR & Skokie, IL, September 27, 2012 – In conjunction with Steve Daniels and his team at The Sound Organisation, the Naim Audio USA distributor, (www.soundorg.com), AV Options has been named the sole authorized provider of Naim service and repair offerings for both in and out of warranty products in the USA.

We are also excited to announce that AV Options will be the only service center in the USA to offer the new DR (discrete regulator) upgrades for Naim Audio Power supplies. Interest and bookings for DR upgrade slots so far has wildly exceeded our expectations! The DR upgrades are available for the Naim HICAP2, SUPERCAP2, XPS2, 552PS & 555PS power supplies. AV Options partner and Service Manager Chris West has recently had Naim factory training in preparation and installed special test gear to facilitate these significant updates. Indeed AV Options is one of the few service centers worldwide, outside of the factory, that is trained and authorized to perform DR upgrades. Depending on the age of the eligible power supply we also highly recommend our recap service for a totally refreshed and updated power supply that will transform your Naim system!

AV Options (www.avoptions.com) was launched in April of 2011 to offer a deep and wide suite of service options to Naim Audio dealers and customers in the USA. Since then we’ve established a world class operation with significant growth and customer satisfaction! Our close and decades long working relationship with both The Sound Organisation and the Naim factory in the UK insures that we’ll continue to offer the highest level of service for dealers and customers moving forward.

For more information visit our just updated website at www.avoptions.com

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