AV Options LLC Announces Launch of Online Store and Updated Website

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AV Options LLC Announces Launch of Online Store and Updated Website

The following is a press release issued by AV Options.

Portland, OR | July 11, 2016 – We’re happy to announce the launch of our Online Store http://www.avoptions.com/store

All our AC related products are now available for purchase online by USA and Canadian

customers. Our other sections (Phono products - Speaker and Interconnect cables and Naim Audio accessories) will be launching in the coming months.

To provide support for the new Online Store we’ve also made a significant amount of software updates to our website and added our Customer Testimonials http://www.avoptions.com/store/testimonials

The sales growth of our own AV Options AC products and 3rd party AC products has been significant over the past year, extending far beyond our existing Naim Audio customer base.

The SuperWiremold Deep-Cryo Power Strip, Tibia and TibiaPlus Deep-Cryo AC cables and Hubbell Deep-Cryo duplex wall outlets have been very well received by a diverse group of audiophiles and music lovers. With our new Online Store we now make it easier than ever to safely and securely purchase our products.

AV Options LLC was founded in April of 2011 to offer a comprehensive suite of service rebuild and restoration options to Naim Audio customers in the USA. Since then we’ve established a world class operation with significant growth and customer satisfaction. In addition, we’ve developed our own line of affordable high performance AC products and will also be offering a curated list of audio cables and accessories on our new Online Store.

For more information visit us at www.avoptions.com