AudioSolutions Presents its Latest Speaker Series “Virtuoso”

AudioSolutions Presents its Latest Speaker Series “Virtuoso”

The following is a press release issued by AudioSolutions.

April 30, 2019 - The Virtuoso falls between the Figaro and Vantage Anniversary speaker series, completing our lineup.

The Virtuoso shares the DNA of AudioSolutions’s flagship Vantage Anniversary and the looks of the Figaro line.

The Virtuoso is a 3-way loudspeaker with two 7.5” bass drivers, 6.5” mid driver and a mini horn loaded 1.2” tweeter.  There will be seven standard Xirallic high gloss finishes, five Metallic premium finishes and a never seen before “Chameleon” version.

The cabinet of Virtuoso is a “box in a box” design which increases rigidity and stiffness up to 10 times of a regular cabinet.

Virtuoso mid-range driver covers an extremely wide range between 500-7000Hz which is the signature for AudioSolutions speaker designs.

Three crossovers in one speaker. Virtuoso will offer there different listening experience thanks to the unique crossover design. Users can choose between Balanced, Moderate or Enhanced modes for their listening preferences.

Join us in Munich High End 2019 at Halle 1 Room A02 for the World Premiere of Virtuoso M speakers.

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