Audio High Produces Robert Silverman Recordings Available in MQA

Audio High Produces Robert Silverman Recordings Available in MQA

The following is a press release issued by Audio High.

December 2016 - Audio High is proud to announce its collaboration with pianist Robert Silverman and Bob Stuart’s MQA, to release one of the first original content produced for MQA encoding. The set of 23 Beethoven piano sonatas is now available in MQA, High-res, CD-quality, and MP3 formats. The MP3 files are available for free, and the other recordings are available with a small donation to Silver Linings, Audio High’s non-profit organization, with 100% of proceeds funding its projects.

“MQA offers listeners the original performance, as the artist intended it,” said Michael Silver, Owner of Audio High. “MQA is simply awesome and we are excited about this technology. We are proud to offer consumers the opportunity to hear Beethoven’s Sonatas in MQA while supporting our charity dedicated to enriching lives through the arts.”

In 2010, Canadian pianist Robert Silverman took on a rare challenge: to perform and record, for the second time, all 32 of Beethoven’s piano sonatas. Few have performed the entire suite of piano sonatas, and far fewer more than once. Unlike many pianists of earlier generations who generally took years to work through the entire cycle, Silverman completed this eight-concert series of Beethoven sonatas over the course of only seven months in San Jose’s elegant Le Petite Trianon Theatre.

Audio High’s owner, Michael Silver, who is a trained concert pianist himself, produced the concert series. The sonatas were recorded and mastered by Mark Willsher (audio producer and engineer whose credits include the soundtracks for The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films, as well many other important films and albums). Zach Miley did the final editing.

All proceeds from the concerts and recordings go to Audio High’s non-profit organization, Silver Linings ( Silver Linings is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to enhance people’s lives through music, film, and art and which has contributed to many causes, including cystic fibrosis research, Stanford Hospital, and local music programs for kids. One project funded by Silver Linings is a special room at the Stanford Children’s Hospital where kids can go to see unique events, music performances, and films, including Pixar movies before they hit the theaters.

Silver continues, “A portion of every sale at Audio High also goes to Silver Linings, and Audio High pays for all overhead costs, so 100% of the money raised through efforts like this goes to the causes we support.”

Please visit this link to download the recordings: