Atlantic Technology Releases 8600e LR Loudspeaker

Atlantic Technology Releases 8600e LR Loudspeaker

The following is a press release issued by Atlantic Technology.

Norwood, MA | December 18, 2018 – Atlantic Technology is now shipping the highest caliber tower speakers they’ve ever created in their 30-year legacy of producing some of the industry’s finest sounding speakers, expanding their extensive range of speakers to higher-end segments such as uncompromised two-channel or large-room surround systems.

“With the design of the 8600e LR, we decided to set new standards and create a next-level of speaker system for Atlantic Technology,” said Mike Miller, National Sales Manager Atlantic Technology. “By implementing new driver technology in an all-new configuration, we have developed an ultra-high performance speaker system that offers an unbeatable combination of smooth, accurate sound, sophisticated style, and unmatched value.  Whether critically listening to two-channel music or enjoying surround-sound movies, the 8600e LR delivers the explosive dynamics of the latest Hollywood blockbuster as well as the subtle details of a classic recording.”

This all-new speaker design employed in the 8600e LR features internally braced non-resonant MDF cabinets housing seven new state-of-the art Atlantic Technology drivers configured in a D’Appolito/M-T-M array; four 8-inch fiberglass woofers, two 5.25-inch fiberglass mid-drivers, and an advanced 1-inch aluminum/magnesium dome tweeter with a powerful neodymium magnet structure.  The midrange and tweeter drivers are internally isolated within their own airtight sub-enclosure.  The cross-over is a 4th order Butterworth asymmetrical time-aligned Linkwitz-Riley design with bi-wire inputs. 

The 8600e LR can be tuned to any room with the rear mounted acoustic optimization controls to minimize detrimental effects of speaker placement and room acoustics.

  • A 3-position High Frequency Energy switch changes the tilt of the tweeters response, not simply how loudly the tweeter plays but allows matching the speaker’s response to different room environments.  Whether used in an acoustically live (highly reflective) or dead (highly absorptive) room, correction for varying acoustics can be applied.
  • A Location Selector switch shelves up both the upper midrange and the high frequency output to compensate for speakers being located behind a perforated screen or theater curtains, providing improved detail at the listening position.
  • A Boundary Compensation control adjusts the lower midrange to minimize the sound colorations caused by placing the speakers in custom cabinets or directly adjacent to a TV, ensuring an open and natural sound.

Completing its premium pedigree, the 8600e LR is available in two fine-furniture high-grade finishes. The cabinet’s side panels are in either a luxurious Gloss Black painted finish or high-gloss lacquered Makassar Ebony veneer finish. To complete the look, a beveled smoked glass top is also included.

The 8600e LR speakers carry a suggested retail price of $2,599 each.


Type Sealed-box, 3-way
Drivers Woofer – (4) 8-inch Glass Fiber; Midrange – (2) 5.25-inch Glass Fiber; Tweeter – (1) 1-inch Aluminum-Magnesium
Frequency Response 50 Hz – 25 kHz +/- 2 dB
Nominal Impedance 6 Ohms
Crossover Frequency 450 Hz, 3 kHz
Crossover Type  Computer designed Butterworth 4th order asymmetrical (time aligned) Linkwitz-Riley
Sensitivity 91 dB
Recommended Amp Power 25 – 300 watts RMS
Magnetic Shielding Yes
Dimensions w/ grilles Inches - 10.9 W x 51.7 H x 11.4 D; MM – 278 W x 1314 H x 291 D
Weight (each) 93.3 lbs, 42.3 kg

For more information on the product or how to purchase, please visit or call 781.762.6300.

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