Astell&Kern Launches AK XB10 Portable Hi-Res Bluetooth Headphone Amp/DAC

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Astell&Kern Launches AK XB10 Portable Hi-Res Bluetooth Headphone Amp/DAC

The following is a press release issued by Astell&Kern.

September 8, 2016 | Irvine, CA – Astell&Kern, the global leader in high resolution portable and home audio playback devices, launches their first portable Bluetooth headphone amp/DAC, the AK XB10.


The AK XB10 provides a way for people to use their current collection of wired headphones and earbuds wirelessly with their smartphones, even if your smartphone does not have a headphone jack.


Featuring Qualcomm’s aptX HD protocol, the AK XB10 supports high resolution audio playback over Bluetooth up to 24bit/48Khz.  Now anyone can play back hi-res audio stored on their smartphone with the Astell&Kern AK XB10. 


The audio experts at Astell&Kern combine a dedicated DAC with their industry-leading AMP technology to provide clear, deep sound never before experienced with a Bluetooth audio device.  Astell&Kern’s AMP technology provides plenty of power to drive high-impedance headphones with no compromise in sound quality.  Every musical note is perfectly reproduced.


The AK XB10 features a built-in DAC and support for 3.5mm unbalanced and 2.5mm balanced headphones.   The AK XB10 features power button, volume up/down, play/pause and fast-forward/rewind buttons so you can control your music playback even if your smartphone is in your pocket or bag. 


With the AK XB10, you can connect any headphone, earbud or speaker and create a fully wireless setup.


When connected to a smartphone, if your phone rings, the AK XB10 will automatically pause your music.  With the built-in microphone, you can answer your call without ever taking you headphones off.  Once the call is complete, continue to immerse yourself in your music.


The AK XB10 comes with a removable clip to attach to your shirt or pants.  All of your music controls are conveniently located on the XB10, so you can leave you phone in your pocket or bag.  Battery life is about 5 hours of audio playback on a single charge with 300 hours of standby time. 


The AK XB10 will be available in September 2016 for $189.


Astell&Kern products can be purchased online directly at and are found at high-end audio retailers around the world.

About Astell&Kern
Astell&Kern is the audiophile high-end brand from IRIVER and was launched in October 2012. Included in the current product range are high-resolution audio players such as the AK Jr, AK70, AK100 II, AK120 II, AK240, AK300, AK320 and AK380, which can play back high-resolution music signals up to 32 Bit/384 kHz. With Mastering Quality Sound (MQS) and audio formats such as DSD, Astell&Kern players provide the highest sound standards. Astell&Kern’s lineup also includes accessories such as a full line of In-Ear monitors and headphones, Astell&Kern portable player docking stations, Bluetooth remote controls and home audio products including the 500N Network Music Server and AK T1 all-in-one sound system.