Ana Moura: Coliseu

Album review
Ana Moura: Coliseu

Ana Moura


Label: World Village
Media: CD
Genre: Rock/pop

Fado (pronounced FAH-doo, with a very soft “d”) is Portuguese urban folk music. Ana Moura sings these songs, new and old, in a traditional style, clearly influenced by one of the Fado greats, Amalia Rodrigues (though Moura’s vibrato is less Piaf-like). The music is often melancholy, though not depressing; some tempos are upbeat, but the words are soaked in saudade (an indigenous term for fatalistic, hopeless longing). Moura has a beautiful, strong, dusky voice, sometimes almost too dark. She’s accompanied by bass, classical guitar, and a Portuguese guitar, which has some of a mandolin’s brightness and tanginess. There is tasteful ornamentation, almost Arabic in places, and sometimes a Mediterranean tint. This recording is from a 2008 concert at the Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon; the hall is large, and the sonics are silken and sumptuous. The balance and interplay among all four musicians are perfect. Moura is entrancing, especially in the ravishing “Sou do Fado” (I Belong to Fado), and the songs are well-crafted and charming. Clear sound, unforced musicality, intelligent poetry (translations included), deep emotion, and obvious audience chemistry: all are here in abundance. I’ve put the whole disc on repeat several times, always with pleasure.

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  • primary artist, Ana Moura
  • CD

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