Alta Audio Announces Significant New Upgrade to Highly Acclaimed Celesta Monitor

Alta Audio Announces Significant New Upgrade to Highly Acclaimed Celesta Monitor

The following is a press release issued by Alta Audio.

MELVILLE, NY | August 3, 2019 – Alta Audio, the company that combines advanced technology and exquisite aesthetics to create industry-leading home audio loudspeakers, today announced an important upgrade to one of its most successful models.

Beginning this month, Alta Audio will offer the new Celesta FRM-2M, the latest version of its acclaimed Celesta full-range monitor. Already considered a jewel of audiophile loudspeaker engineering with an advanced-technology design housed in an ultra-hard, ultra-high gloss polyester finished cabinet with both modern and retro design elements, the new version ups the ante with an array of improvements.

Among the updates are upgraded cabling, new conductors and capacitors, a new magnetic grille, and next-level DampHard material that helps to create an acoustically dead, resonance-free speaker.

“Celesta FRM is one of the models that put Alta Audio on the map, but that doesn’t mean we’re ready for it to rest on its laurels,” said Michael Levy, President and CEO, Alta Audio, LLC. “In order for us to introduce a new version, we had to be sure there are demonstrable improvements in performance while staying true to the original design and sonic blueprint. In short: mission accomplished.”

Designed to provide audiophile-grade, room-filling sound in smaller spaces where full-size speakers may be overwhelming, the Celesta FRM-2M features a multitude of ingredients that add up to sonic output that outperforms other speakers at its price. A custom-designed ribbon tweeter provides extremely clear, fast, and, most important, flat high-end response for truly neutral sound that represents the artists’ vision. Also, there is a powerful 6” woofer with a 3.1” long-throw voice coil, with low mass and high-speed characteristics.

Like all Alta Audio speakers, the new Celesta FRM-2M features the company’s proprietary Alta XTL (Extended Transmission Line) bass tuning system. Unlike standard transmission lines that result in slow and distorted lower frequencies, Alta XTL tunes the cabinet at multiple frequencies, providing clean, fast bass response that is demonstrably different from the pack.

The Celesta FRM-2M will ship this month at a suggested retail price of $18,000/pair. For additional information, visit