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Acoustic Geometry Pro Room Pack 10 Acoustic Treatment Package

There’s another reason vocals sounded more clear and open with the Curve Diffusors; cleaning up the midbass bloat allowed the midrange to be unmasked, making it sound more transparent and “lighter,” with greater spatial and textural realism.

Adding the Fabric-Wrapped Panels further improved the sound, rendering the treble in a smoother and more relaxed way. Cymbals were more densely textured, with the gong-like lower-frequency component of their sound no longer obscured by noise-like high-frequency hash. This made for a greater sense of ease, smoothness, and musical involvement.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Pro Room Pack 10 completely transformed the sound of my listening room. Significantly, it rendered improvements in many ways—bass articulation and definition, transient fidelity, soundstaging, timbral resolution, treble smoothness—without any unwanted side effects. The Pro Pack attacked room problems without killing dynamics, throwing a blanket over top-octave air, overdamping, or making the room sound unnaturally dead when you walked in and heard your own voice. I attribute this to the relative balance between low-, mid-, and high-frequency absorption. There’s not too much treble absorption, which can make rooms sound overdamped, a common shortcoming of some acoustic products. Such overdamping leads you to turn up the volume in an attempt to gain clarity, which only exacerbates bass bloat. The Acoustic Geometry package had no such drawbacks, sounding open and lively, yet smooth and relaxed.

If the Pro Room Pack 10 won’t fit with your décor or budget, you can get some of Acoustic Geometry’s benefits with one CornerSorber behind each speaker, a pair of Medium Curve Diffusors, and a couple of Fabric-Wrapped Panels. In fact, just a pair of Curve Diffusors on the sidewalls positioned at the first-reflection point greatly improves soundstaging and clarity.

Acoustic Geometry has brought audiophiles professional-grade acoustic treatment in affordable, easy-to-use packages that can greatly improve the sound of a music listening room.

Specs & Pricing

Dimensions: 48½" x 24¼" x 7"
Weight: 72 lbs. per pair (shipping weight)
Price: $998 per pair

Medium Curve Diffusors
Dimensions: 21" x 42" x 7"
Weight: 26 lbs. (shipping weight)
Price: $399 each

Fabric-Wrapped Panel
Dimensions: 24" x 48" x 2"
Weight: 5 lbs. each
Price: $92 and up, depending on size

Pro Room Pack 10 (system reviewed)
Two pairs CornerSorbers
Ten Curve Diffusors
Eight Fabric-Wrapped Panels
Price: $6796

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Chaska, MN 55318
(888) 227-6645

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