A New On-line Home for "The Absolute Sound"

A New On-line Home for "The Absolute Sound"

The Absolute Sound is pleased to introduce its new Web site, theabsolutesound.com, dedicated purely to high-end audio and great-sounding music. TAS Publisher, Jim Hannon, said, “Our expanding audience of high-performance audio and music enthusiasts asked us to create a new site that reflects the values and aesthetic of TAS. Although our new site is also linked into the AVguide network, it has been built from the ground up, technically and editorially, to complement and extend the TAS print experience with exciting new on-line features, content, and interactions.”

Robert Harley, Editor-in-Chief of The Absolute Sound, will also serve as Editor-in-Chief of theabsolutesound.com, and Jonathan Valin has been named as Executive Editor for both. Mr. Harley will lead the entire TAS editorial and reviewing teams in both the print and digital arenas. He said, “We are developing lots of exciting new material for the site, updated daily, including engaging blogs, sneak previews of upcoming product reviews, further thoughts on previously reviewed products, news and product announcements, tips on product setup and great new music, as well as our regular features, commentary, and product reviews.”

Robert was particularly excited about the opportunity to both serve the TAS audience and build communities of shared interest in the high-performance audio and music spaces. “For example, our Answers section is a unique interactive platform to share ideas and information without the flame wars that plague a conventional forum.” He added, “Stay tuned, because we have some extremely exciting and unique developments that will roll out over the next few months.”

Jim explained that the site’s powerful search capabilities enable visitors to find specific information quickly and easily from TAS’s massive, and expanding, archives. “The combination of The Absolute Sound and theabsolutesound.com lets us focus on providing the best two-channel audio and music coverage—in both print and digital—to an increasingly global community of audio enthusiasts and music lovers.”

About The Absolute Sound

The Absolute Sound is the world’s preeminent source of expert reviews, features, and commentary on high-performance audio and music. Since 1973, TAS has set the standard for quality audio and music journalism, helping to shape the industry and guiding audio enthusiasts and music lovers to components and recordings that faithfully reproduce the sounds one might hear in a good concert hall.

The Absolute Sound is a monthly print and digital magazine, an on-line destination for those interested in better sound, and a community of audiophiles and music lovers. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nextscreen, LLC, which also publishes AVguide.com, Winding Road, The Perfect Vision, Playback, and related Web sites.

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