• Why 5.1-Channel Sound?

    Why 5.1-Channel Sound?

    April 23 - We all take for granted the idea of "5.1-channel" sound for home theater, but what exactly is ".1" of a channel? We all know that the ".1" in 5.1-channel sound is the ...
  • Audiophile Movie

    Audiophile Movie

    April 12 - All the joy, passion, and foibles of high-end audio are brilliantly documented in a 20-minute film created by Ken Barns. The Audiophile Club of Athens features interviews with high-end enthusiasts showing their ...
  • Discovering a great bargain

    Discovering a great bargain

    July 2 - The most rewarding aspect of reviewing great hi-fi is discovering products that are stunning great at a reasonable price. It's rare for a product to stand out as being clearly superior to ...
  • Upcoming in The Absolute Sound

    Upcoming in The Absolute Sound

    July 5 - Our special feature on the state of digital audio (Issue 174) includes a retrospective in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Compact Disc's US launch. My editorial in that issue laments ...
  • New Op-Amps Promise High-End Sound

    New Op-Amps Promise High-End Sound

    August 16 - A new generation of operational amplifiers (op-amps) and power-amplifier drivers from National Semiconductor might result in a wholesale improvement in sound quality across a wide range of audio products. Op-amps are everywhere: ...
  • How to Choose the Best Loudspeaker

    How to Choose the Best Loudspeaker

    (Excepted and adapted from Introductory Guide to High-Performance Audio Systems by Robert Harley © 2007 by Robert Harley. To order, call 800 888-4741 or visit hifibooks.com.) August 21 - Your first decision in choosing loudspeakers ...

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