• Bryston 28B Monoblock Power Amplifier

    Bryston 28B Monoblock Power Amplifier

    For about 30 years, the Canadian electronics firm Bryston has been the darling of the professional sound set. Its electronics are unconditionally stable—you never heard of a Bryston blowing up, did you, even when heavily ...
  • Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC

    Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC

    Most audio products designed for professional use are sonically inferior compared to the best high-end “consumer” components. That’s because, in the pro world, features, functionality, and reliability under harsh conditions take precedence over sound quality. ...
  • Mystère IA21 Tubed Integrated Amplifier

    Mystère IA21 Tubed Integrated Amplifier

    Durob Audio, the Dutch design and marketing team that has already brought us the well-known and hugely successful PrimaLuna brand, has expanded its product offering in 2007 with the Mystère line. Comprising two integrated tube ...
  • AV123 X-Statik Loudspeaker

    AV123 X-Statik Loudspeaker

    Whether you believe the economy is “fundamentally sound” or in free fall, a bargain hunter—or cheapskate?—lurks within most of us. Being a wine lover, and also a writer on the subject, I delight in discovering ...
  • Sonus Faber Cremona M Loudspeaker

    Sonus Faber Cremona M Loudspeaker

    Sonus Faber’s reverence for the Old Master violinmakers of Cremona is well known. Their craftsmanship has been the guiding light for the Italian loudspeaker manufacturer providing insights and inspiration for every model—particularly its exquisite Homage ...
  • HP's 2007 Golden Ear Awards

    HP's 2007 Golden Ear Awards

    Linestages Conrad-Johnson Anniversary Reference Triode Series III The third-generation of c-j’s ART is here, and just about in time for the company’s thirtieth anniversary. It was introduced a decade ago to celebrate the occasion of ...
  • Mozart Grand Loudspeaker

    Mozart Grand Loudspeaker

    For nearly a year, I’ve been on a quest for true musical sound in loudspeakers capable of holding their own in a growing system. Not in the $10,000 range, mind you, but down around $3000 ...
  • Marantz TT-15S Turntable

    Marantz TT-15S Turntable

    Vinyl sound is somehow natural. This intrinsic naturalness means that even relatively inexpensive vinyl playback systems can sound, if not perfect, at least very musically convincing. A case in point is the Marantz TT-15S Reference ...

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