• Magnepan MG 20.1 Loudspeaker

    Magnepan MG 20.1 Loudspeaker

    You’re probably asking yourself, “What can this guy tell me about Magnepan speakers that I don’t already know?” After all, this magazine has reviewed various Maggie loudspeakers over the years—raves all— and the 20.1 is ...
  • Canton Vento 807 DC Loudspeakers

    Canton Vento 807 DC Loudspeakers

    Germany might not be the first nation audiophiles would turn to when looking for fine European loudspeakers, but over the past decade several German speaker manufacturers have really started to make their "marks," so to ...
  • Cary CD 306 CD/SACD Player

    Cary CD 306 CD/SACD Player

    Cary Audio made a name for itself with vacuum-tube power amplifiers, primarily the single-ended triode variety. Indeed, it was a passion for SET amplifiers that inspired Dennis Had to found Cary Audio Design in 1989. ...
  • Thorens TD 190-1 Turntable System

    Thorens TD 190-1 Turntable System

    When audiophiles hear the words "automatic turntable," they are quite likely to turn up their noses. Rightly or wrongly, most automatic turntables are associated with "mid-fi" gear. Yet, before the advent of CDs, I suspect ...
  • EXOTICA: MAGICO Mini Loudspeaker

    EXOTICA: MAGICO Mini Loudspeaker

    Israeli-American designer Alon Wolf’s MAGICO Mini—the speaker that so impressed me, RH, HP, WG, and just about everyone else who heard it at this past CES—is a compact, stand-mounted, two-way mini-monitor that costs $22,000. At ...
  • REL Britannia B3 Subwoofer

    REL Britannia B3 Subwoofer

    REL Acoustics designs and constructs subwoofers of serious intent. It faithfully hews to the high end’s original mission statement for subs—to reproduce music’s bottom octave, the region that extends to 20Hz or lower. [1] The ...

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