• Bryston BDA-3.14 DAC/Preamp/Streamer

    Bryston BDA-3.14 DAC/Preamp/Streamer

    For the vast majority of modern audiophiles streaming is an integral part of their audio system. Given its ubiquitous nature, it’s hard to find any forward-thinking audio manufacturer who does not offer at least one ...
  • Sonner Audio Legato Unum

    Sonner Audio Legato Unum

    Sonner Audio is a relative newcomer to the high-end scene. Nonetheless, the Boston-based loudspeaker company has turned out to be a fast learner, a fact that I discovered during my evaluation of its mid-priced offering, ...
  • Aurender W20SE Music Server

    Aurender W20SE Music Server

    I’ve used Aurender’s W20 music server as my reference since reviewing it in Issue 258. I chose the W20 for its combination of outstanding sound quality, features, and its superb music-management app. The W20 has ...
  • Larsen Model 9 Loudspeaker

    Larsen Model 9 Loudspeaker

    I, like everyone else, have had my moments of revelation, what Kenneth Clark calls in art “moments of vision,” where some experience imprints an indelible memory that somehow redefines one’s whole relationship to audio. No ...
  • REL Acoustics S/812 Sub-Bass System

    REL Acoustics S/812 Sub-Bass System

    The pursuit of the bottom octave in sound reproduction looms as a sort of final frontier for many enthusiasts. It’s a task that’s generally accomplished in one of two ways—by purchasing a completely new set ...
  • Technics SL-1500C Turntable

    Technics SL-1500C Turntable

    At this point, everyone knows Technics is back.The venerable Japanese turntable manufacturer’s SL-1200G dropped several years ago to near-universal fanfare, and the company has since released several less expensive ’tables. But it’s the non-DJ-styled SL-1500C ...
  • 2020 Golden Ear Awards: Matt Clott

    2020 Golden Ear Awards: Matt Clott

    IsoAcoustics Orea and Gaia Series Isolation Footers $79/$199 I spent an enormous amount of time determining which isolation racks, shelves, and footers work best for which components, trying almost everything from the sublimely cheap to ...
  • Channel D Lino C 2.0 Phonostage

    Channel D Lino C 2.0 Phonostage

    The Channel D Lino C 2.0 is a current-mode (transimpedance) phonostage for low-output, low-impedance moving-coil cartridges. The cartridge input is designed for a balanced (differential, non-ground-referenced) connection. The electronic circuitry is direct-coupled (no coupling capacitors), ...
  • 2020 Golden Ear Awards: Allan Moulton

    2020 Golden Ear Awards: Allan Moulton

    Yamaha 5000 System (C-5000 Preamp, M-5000Power Amp, NS-5000 Speakers, GT-5000 Turntable) $9999, $9999, $14,999, $7999 An effort of 19 engineers and eight years in development, the full 5000 Series sees Yamaha return to high-end audio’s ...

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