• Why no Blu-ray Music-only Format

    Why no Blu-ray Music-only Format

    The forthcoming Sony BDP-S550 is certainly a breakthrough product that will provide a hardware platform that might spur the release of Blu-ray music titles from specialty labels. I agree that the professional SACD community (record ...
  • Reflections on What’s Best

    Reflections on What’s Best

    What is the best speaker? What is the best amplifier? What is the best preamplifier, phonostage, turntable/tonearm/cartridge? I can tell you what I think I is best for me, given my taste in and experience ...
  • Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Notes

    Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Notes

    Denver: Friday, October 10 will be a day remembered by audiophiles for two things. It was the kickoff for 2008's RMAF, an annual show open to consumers which spot-lights the best and the brightest in ...

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