• LP Sales Skyrocket in 2008

    LP Sales Skyrocket in 2008

    LP Sales Skyrocket in 2008 Robert Harley SoundScan, the music-sales tracking company, just reported that sales of LPs increased by 89% in 2008 compared with the previous year. LPs sold at the rate of 1.88 ...
  • Topping My Xmas Playlist

    Topping My Xmas Playlist

    I may be a day late and dollar short in recommending a holiday album for the Christmas season but here goes. Five-time Grammy Award winning folk/pop singer-songwriter Mary Chapin-Carpenter who for twenty years has been ...
  • Shaken & Stirred: Part 2

    Shaken & Stirred: Part 2

    To recap: The Aston Martin DBS (aka, the James Bond car) that I enjoyed on two-day loan was delivered with a Bang & Olufsen sound system, customized for the DBS cabin. It’s a 13 speaker ...
  • Name That High-End Audio Company

    Name That High-End Audio Company

    Name That High-End Audio Company Robert Harley The following is my editorial that appears in the February issue of The Absolute Sound. I’m sure that some company names come to mind as you read through ...
  • Canon G10 Camera

    Canon G10 Camera

    I've been a semi-serious photographer for many years and, in the heyday of film, owned virtually every kind of camera on the market--from Sinar, Deardorf, and Toyo 8x10s to Linhof, Sinar, and Toyo 4x5s to ...
  • JV Visits dCS in England

    JV Visits dCS in England

    Early this month I got to visit David Steven and his son David J., Chris, Martin, Andy, Rav, and all the other wonderful folks at dCS—designers and manufacturers of the two best digital products I’ve ...
  • Meridian Audio Acquires Sooloos

    Meridian Audio Acquires Sooloos

    Meridian Audio, the venerable British firm at the forefront of digital-audio technology, announced today that it has acquired music-server manufacturer Sooloos for an undisclosed sum. Sooloos’ music servers will continue to be sold under the ...
  • Blimey!


    Man, I’ve been a jet-settin’ fool this year. First I went off to Germany in the spring, to make a quick stop at the high-end show in Munich and to take a factory tour of ...

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