• Gone But Not Forgotten

    Gone But Not Forgotten

    They’re the Loch Ness Monsters of the record world, those great “lost” projects—the Beach Boys’ Smile, Prince’s Black Album, Mick Jagger’s blues collaboration with the Red Devils. After years of anticipation, the hype often outweighs ...
  • “Bird” Takes Flight

    “Bird” Takes Flight

    Listeners with a casual interest in Charlie Parker and the birth of bebop might neither require nor tolerate the plethora of alternate and incomplete takes and false starts that occupy valuable audio real estate on ...
  • TAS Visits the Acoustic Signature Factory

    TAS Visits the Acoustic Signature Factory

    Following the Munich show the TAS team visited the factory of Acoustic Signature, Germany’s second-largest turntable manufacturer. The shop is in Göppingen, about a two-hour drive northwest from Munich, an idyllic little town where the ...
  • The Move to Make Hi-Res Mainstream

    The Move to Make Hi-Res Mainstream

    The consumer-electronics industry and the record companies see high-resolution digital audio as an opportunity to deliver better sound quality to music listeners, and thus attract a larger audience. Toward that end, Sony, Universal Music Group, ...

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