• Tango For Ears

    Tango For Ears

    The tango was born in the late 1800s in Buenos Aires, where it was first danced in grimy bars and brothels. It began as a souped-up habanera, a slower dance made famous in 1875 (and ...
  • The 30 Greatest Bargains in High-End Audio

    The 30 Greatest Bargains in High-End Audio

    Entry Level Pioneer SP BS-22 loudspeaker, $129 Infinity Primus P363 loudspeaker, $400 NAD D3020 integrated amplifier, $499 Rega RP1 turntable, $445 AudioQuest DragonFly v1.2 DAC, $149 PS Audio Sprout integrated amplifier, $499 Magnepan MMG loudspeaker, ...
  • B&W's 800 D3 New York Launch

    B&W's 800 D3 New York Launch

    Just one month after Neil Gader received a personal preview of the new 800 Diamond 3 at B&W’s British factory (read the preview here), the company officially launched the series to the world. The U.S. ...
  • Mercury Living Presence

    Mercury Living Presence

    The third and final Mercury Living Presence CD collection was recently released. With the addition of the 53 CDs in this album, all of the remastered recordings supervised by Wilma Cozart Fine in the 1990s ...
  • Box-Set Bonanza

    Box-Set Bonanza

    If the compact disc is (as some say) dying out as a storage medium, it’s going out with a bang, at least as far as great recordings of classical music go. For the past dozen ...
  • Dieter Burmester (1946–2015)

    Dieter Burmester (1946–2015)

    The high-end audio community suffered a tragic and unexpected loss on August 15, when Dieter Burmester passed away in Berlin after a short but severe illness. The loss was tragic because Burmester, who founded and ...
  • Swedish Neutrality: SAT Tonearm

    Swedish Neutrality: SAT Tonearm

    Tonearm specialist and engineer extraordinaire Marc Gomez, who was born in Barcelona in 1972, is a relative newcomer to the high-end scene. About a decade ago, he began haunting used record shops and amassed a ...

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