• TAS 196: Magico M5 Loudspeaker

    TAS 196: Magico M5 Loudspeaker

    First, a confession: I generally don’t like big dynamic loudspeakers. To me their chief raisons d’être are loudness and bass. And since I gravitate toward small-scale acoustic music where neither is a necessity, I don’t ...
  • Hard Times and the High End

    Hard Times and the High End

    Just recently a reader with the screen name "blackfly" posted this cogent comment to the thread on the $89k Magico M5 loudspeaker: Personally, I very much like the M5, and would love to own a ...
  • Magico M5 Loudspeakers

    Magico M5 Loudspeakers

    For Magico lovers and the just plain curious, here's a little photo journal covering the delivery of the fabulous Magico M5 loudspeakers. 1) Here they are in their cartons on the delivery truck--about five hundred ...

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