• Magico V2 Loudspeaker (TAS 202)

    Magico V2 Loudspeaker (TAS 202)

    The Magico V2 sells for $18,000 a pair—not an insubstantial amount by any means. But that’s not really the news—there are already a surprising number of components that bump up against the $20k level. The ...
  • Unboxing: Magico V2 Loudspeaker

    Unboxing: Magico V2 Loudspeaker

    After many none-too-sutble hints to colleagues Harley and Valin and a few well placed words to Magico marketing guy Irv Gross, I’ve finally received a pair of Magico’s for review–the 2.5-way V2, a floorstander. They ...

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