• Creek Evolution 100A

    Creek Evolution 100A

    There’s an old saying that more or less goes, “Never judge a book or an amp by its cover.” Exhibit One: the Creek Evolution 100A—outwardly an exemplar of modesty—the quintessential stealth integrated amplifier. With its ...
  • Cambridge CXA80 Integrated Amplifier

    Cambridge CXA80 Integrated Amplifier

    In a newspaper article published a few months ago, a survey of Millennials had automakers worrying. Apparently car ownership was not nearly as important to this group as it was to previous generations. However, what ...
  • Joan Baez: Diamonds and Rust in the Bullring

    Joan Baez: Diamonds and Rust in the Bullring

    Capturing a live concert is one of audio’s most difficult balancing acts—like taking a snapshot from two perspectives simultaneously. A rare exception is this Analogue Productions release, which captures an impassioned performance with much-better-than-expected sonics. ...
  • TAD Compact Evolution One Loudspeaker

    TAD Compact Evolution One Loudspeaker

    When I reviewed it some years ago, the TAD Compact Reference or CR1 was the best stand-mount loudspeaker I’d ever heard in my room—or anyone else’s for that matter. Today it continues to represent state-of-the-art ...
  • Wilson Audio Sabrina Loudspeaker

    Wilson Audio Sabrina Loudspeaker

    At some point, every high-end company begins to assess its legacy. For the most part, these reflections concentrate on the designer’s boldest, most sweeping projects. Certainly for an iconic company like Wilson Audio, and its ...
  • Classé CP-800 Preamp and CA-D200 Amplifier

    Classé CP-800 Preamp and CA-D200 Amplifier

    There was once a simpler time in the high end. Performance was in large part defined by component minimalism: an austere, stripped-down, hair-shirt aesthetic that shunned extraneous complications and pretty much shrugged off user convenience. ...
  • Two USB Cables

    Two USB Cables

    Over the past year I’ve been using the USB output from my MacBook Pro sparingly. This was not my original intent, but ever since I set up a NAS drive the Lumin A-1 Network Music ...
  • The California Audio Show 2015

    The California Audio Show 2015

    The gathering crowds on Friday morning. The sixth edition of the California Audio Show at the Westin Hotel adjacent to the San Francisco Airport might have been short a few exhibitors from last year—conspicuous in ...

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