• Two USB Cables

    Two USB Cables

    Over the past year I’ve been using the USB output from my MacBook Pro sparingly. This was not my original intent, but ever since I set up a NAS drive the Lumin A-1 Network Music ...
  • The California Audio Show 2015

    The California Audio Show 2015

    The gathering crowds on Friday morning. The sixth edition of the California Audio Show at the Westin Hotel adjacent to the San Francisco Airport might have been short a few exhibitors from last year—conspicuous in ...
  • Pro-Ject RPM 9 Carbon Turntable

    Pro-Ject RPM 9 Carbon Turntable

    If you feel as if you’ve seen this turntable in a past life, fear not. For indeed, the new Pro-Ject RPM 9 Carbon bears a strikingly close resemblance to the well-regarded RM-9.2 belt-drive ’table that ...
  • Kharma Elegance S7-S Signature

    Kharma Elegance S7-S Signature

    Describing the Kharma Elegance S7-S Signature as an elegant and expensive floorstanding loudspeaker is technically accurate, for, indeed, that is what it is. But once your eyes really begin taking it in, examining every exacting ...
  • Rowland Continuum S2 Integrated Amp

    Rowland Continuum S2 Integrated Amp

    The Continuum S2 integrated amplifier from the Jeff Rowland Design Group represents the latest chapter in the iconic brand’s pursuit of the state of the art, in this instance within the more rigid confines of ...
  • Arcam FMJ A49 Integrated Amplifier

    Arcam FMJ A49 Integrated Amplifier

    The competition among today’s premium integrated amplifiers has all the drama and intensity of a season of Game of Thrones, with the exception of the blood spatters. This popular segment of components has the top ...
  • Dynamic Design AnnaLyric PC-1 Power Cord

    Dynamic Design AnnaLyric PC-1 Power Cord

    Since 2000, the Chicago-based cable company Dynamic Design has offered three levels of power cord and cable products—the mid-priced Lotus Series, the premium Heritage Series, and the lofty Nebula series (see my review in Issue ...
  • REL S/5 Subwoofer

    REL S/5 Subwoofer

    If REL Acoustics, the highly regarded subwoofer manufacturer, pulled out of the high-end marketplace tomorrow, never again to manufacture another unit, its place in the audio pantheon would forever be assured. REL has offered superb ...
  • John Hunter, REL Acoustics

    John Hunter, REL Acoustics

    Did your interest in the high end come from the music side or the electronics side? Oddly both, and at the same time. I started playing electric guitar and bass in the early 70s. Just ...
  • Axis VoiceBox S Loudspeaker

    Axis VoiceBox S Loudspeaker

    From the moment I received the Axis Voicebox S—the small two-way monitor from Australia—fond memories transported me back to a simpler time in the high end. Suddenly I’m sitting in my old apartment listening to ...

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