• Simaudio Moon 810LP Phono Preamplifier

    Simaudio Moon 810LP Phono Preamplifier

    The 32-year-old Canadian firm Simaudio is one of those few companies with a decades-long track record of marketing nothing but great-sounding and beautifully made products at competitive prices. Although Simaudio isn't an entry-level brand by ...
  • Robert Harley on AXPONA Chicago

    Robert Harley on AXPONA Chicago

    The Chicago AXPONA show was a bit of a gamble—as is any first show in a city—but this is one gamble that paid off. The Doubletree Hotel at O’Hare airport featured many fine-sounding exhibits, excellent ...
  • The Technology Behind the Q7

    The Technology Behind the Q7

    Although the Q7’s woofers, midrange driver, and tweeter look identical to those of the Q5 (except that the woofers are bigger and there are more of them) the Q7’s drivers are actually quite a bit ...
  • Micromega MyDAC USB DAC

    Micromega MyDAC USB DAC

    The term “USB DAC” is starting to become redundant the way “cell phone,” “digital camera,” and “flat-panel television” are anachronisms to one generation and “ink pen” is to those of us two (or more) generations ...
  • Lansche Audio No.7 Loudspeaker

    Lansche Audio No.7 Loudspeaker

    Loudspeaker designers constantly strive for lower and lower moving mass in their cones and panels, but what would a driver sound like if it had no moving mass—or no moving parts at all? The massless ...
  • Absolare Launches System Line in U.S.

    Absolare Launches System Line in U.S.

    I traveled last August to Istanbul, Turkey, to attend the annual dealer, distributor, and press event hosted by high-end manufacturer Absolare. The company wanted to demonstrate its products and communicate its technical and aesthetic thinking ...
  • Rocky Mountain Show Report

    Rocky Mountain Show Report

    I don’t usually cover entry-level and mid-priced loudspeakers at shows, but I’m glad I did at this Denver show. I discovered quite a few worthy contenders and found a couple of real gems. Here are ...
  • AudioQuest DragonFly USB DAC

    AudioQuest DragonFly USB DAC

    The high-end industry has long lamented its inability to appeal to regular folks who just like to listen to music. Part of the problem has been that we expect the would- be audiophile to make ...

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