• Wilson Benesch Eminence Loudspeaker

    Wilson Benesch Eminence Loudspeaker

    “What does that speaker sound like?” It’s such a common question among audiophiles that we never stop to think about what it means. When asking that question, we expect a capsule description of the speaker’s ...
  • T.H.E. Show 2019

    T.H.E. Show 2019

    Southern California has an audio show problem. It’s not new, and it’s not clear why. Perhaps it’s the slow-burn of internecine rivalries, sketchy venue selection and promotion (remember LAX?), or just plain bad luck. In ...
  • Building a Listening Room

    Building a Listening Room

    Building a dedicated space for music listening is the ultimate commitment to the hobby. It’s expensive and complex, and when you’re finished there’s no guarantee that the room will sound good. But if you take ...
  • Sonner Audio Legato Duo Loudspeaker

    Sonner Audio Legato Duo Loudspeaker

    I have to admit that Boston-based Sonner Audio was unfamiliar to me until I read colleague Andy Quint’s 2018 AXPONA report. He was impressed with the potential he heard under arduous show conditions (“Satisfying orchestral ...
  • JBL Stage A190 Loudspeaker

    JBL Stage A190 Loudspeaker

    My ears always perk up when I hear the JBL name. Even before I made the high end a kind of second home, my parents and my friends’ parents all had either Altecs or JBLs ...
  • Ayon Audio Introduces BlackEagle Loudspeakers

    Ayon Audio Introduces BlackEagle Loudspeakers

    The following is a press release issued by Ayon Audio. <font face="NewCenturySchlbk-Roman">May 8 -2019 - Ayon Audio, the globally recognized high end audio performance brand known for its innovative technology in vacuum tube pre-amps, DAC’s, ...

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