• Dr. John: Locked Down

    Dr. John: Locked Down

    Forget Jimi versus God, forget the Beatles versus the Stones—in the late Sixties the stiffest competition involved the most bizarre musician on the planet. Arthur Brown and Captain Beefheart were definitely upper tier, but first ...
  • George Russell

    George Russell

    George Russell’s contribution to jazz theory is so formidable that his own recordings seem to lag behind in recognition, which makes this nine-CD set of mid-career material from 1968 to 1982 all the more welcome. ...
  • Kate Bush: 50 Words for Snow

    Kate Bush: 50 Words for Snow

    The muses are often fickle, and continually wooing them back has perplexed even the most gifted pop musicians. Nonstop touring can stifle creativity, but so can long periods away from the star-maker machinery—and that would ...
  • The Smiths: Complete

    The Smiths: Complete

    One step in becoming a great band is believing you’re great, and The Smiths had no problem with that. Before playing a single note together Morrissey and Johnny Marr were convinced their music would have ...
  • The Louvin Brothers: Satan is Real

    The Louvin Brothers: Satan is Real

    Although the Louvin Brothers were a successful country act that released more than a dozen LPs, Satan is Real is easily their most well-known record because of its cover: holding a pitchfork, a buck- toothed ...
  • Weather Report: Heavy Weather

    Weather Report: Heavy Weather

    Where some album titles seem like an afterthought, Heavy Weather and its surreal cover art match the music perfectly. Less groove-oriented and more atmospheric than previous Weather Report records, it sounds like the soundtrack to ...

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